Our Courses

What You'll Get

Access to Course Slack Communities

You'll get access to special Slack communities with hundreds to thousands of members to get feedback on your code, ask questions, and talk sports for every one of the courses you purchase.

Videos & Text Provided for Every Learning Style

Each course comes with 8+ hours of video and module text. Our videos will walk you through each section step-by-step.

Modules on Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Machine Learning

We start you from installation of Python, a beginner friendly programming language, all the way to creating your own machine learning models.


Course Modules

Beginner Python Modules

You'll learn the basics of Python, including how to set up your coding environment, the basic fundamentals of programming and how to do simple sport-related analysis.

Google Colab
Conditional Statements
Data Types
Object Oriented Programming

Data Management & Munging

After learning the basics of coding, we'll teach you core data science concepts applied to sports. You'll learn how to import data, clean it, calculate statistics, and create sports visualizations.

Data Science Packages
Data Manipulation
Pivot Tables
Scatter Plots
Regression Plots

Statistics & Machine Learning

Once you have your basic data science skills, we'll teach you how to start using data to predict future sports outcomes with statistics and machine learning.

Linear Regression
Feature Engineering
Error Analysis
Machine Learning Packages

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